3 Reasons to Use Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs are a great way to keep your information organized and easily accessible for your colleagues and team members.  If you’ve never used Google Docs, you might be thinking, what are they and how do I use them?  We’re going to explore the basics of Google Docs and give you three reasons why Google Docs can help with your projects.

Its is Easy

One of the great things about Google is that they offer many useful tools for free.  Google Docs is no exception.  You can access Google Docs by signing in with your G Suite email and password.  If you’re unfamiliar with G Suite, it is a series of cloud based programs and software offered by Google for collaboration on projects. These are very similar to Microsoft Office, but they exist on the cloud. They can be accessed by anyone given permission which is why they are a great tool for collaboration on projects.

G Suite is used in many Universities and businesses of all sizes today. If you do not already have a G Suite account you can create one simply by signing up.  Once you are logged into this account you will be able to create and share Documents, Spread Sheets, Presentations, Forms and Pictures. 

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3 Reason Why Your Website Should Have a Blog


Have you thought about adding a blog to your website?  Perhaps you have a colleague or friend mention that you ‘have to have’ a blog these days.  But do they ever say why?  Having a blog can be a very important part of your business.  You might think that just because your business isn’t only focused online or you’re not a copy writer that you don’t need a blog on your site.  Although that might be true, chances are very good that your site and business could benefit from a blog.  A blog is a great place to explain concepts and give information to your customers that ultimately builds trust and credibility for your business.  Here are three reason why we think every website should have a blog.

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5 Reasons to use email marketing for your business

email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers. Do you have a favorite company or brand that you enjoy receiving their emails?  Well you’re not alone.  According to a survey done by MarketingSherpa over 90% of customers want to receive promotional emails from businesses they work with.  Your customers are no different.  They want to hear from you.  They like you and want to help your business and take full advantage of the services you offer.  Email marketing is a cost effective way to stay in touch with your clients.  Below are five reasons email marketing is good for your business.

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4 Great Alternatives to Print Media

Print Media

You don’t have to be an industry expert and study the latest market trends to know that print media has really taken a hit in circulation over the last several years.  This has hurt advertisers not only in their available audience but also the lack of readers has made the medium more expensive compared to other forms media.  Below are four alternatives to print media.

Google Adwords

Google is the most popular search engine available.  Think about how many times today you have searched for something.  Perhaps you were looking for directions, a recipe or for a local business.  Your customers are using Google and if you’re not easily searchable on Google through paid advertising or SEO you are missing out on business, plain and simple.

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How To Find My IP Address

Where can I find my find your IP address?

The easiest way to find your IP address is to go to https://www.whatismyip.com/my-ip-information/

You will have 2 versions of IP addresses.

One is called IPv4 (Intenet Protocol version 4) and looks something like this 

The other is called IPv6 and looks like this 2001:0db8:0f00:0043:0000:ff00:0042:8329

The best way to get this information to your web developer is to copy and paste the addresses into an email so that they can be copied and pasted by the web developer.  Taking a screenshot is not recommended because the web developer would have to retype all of those IPv6 numbers and a mistake could easily be made and hard to spot.


What is an IP Address (Internet Protocol Address)?

An IP address is like a high-tech license plate for your computer/device. This set of numbers is an exclusive set of numbers that all information technology devices (printers, routers, modems, etc) use which identifies and allows them the ability to communicate with each other on a data network.

Why does my web developer want my IP address?

IP addresses are used to track and filter traffic going to your website.

Typically a web developer will use your offices IP Addresses to filter out the visits from your office to your website during web traffic analysis.

IP Addresses can also be used to block or allow computers to different parts of a website. This can be useful to block parts of a website that should only be viewed by certain devices.

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